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    A & A Energy is an energy management solutions provider engaged in electricity, natural gas, solar and oil. The Company’s segments include Consumer Energy and Commercial Energy.

    The Company operates in the Hargeisa, Somaliland, offering a range of energy products, including long-term fixed-price, variable rate and flat bill programs; home energy management services, including smart thermostats and tools to manage energy use at the appliance level and residential solar panel installations.
    It markets under the brand, A & A Energy. A & A’s offers fixed and variable rate natural gas and electricity contracts, as well as customized products. A & A also offers Oils and Gas.


    • Promote all forms of renewable energy, and energy efficiency, and encourage such activities to be of benefit to the Somaliland and sustainability lies at the heart of this. The combined goal of reducing energy consumption and increasing the proportion of Somaliland’s energy supply that comes from renewable sources makes a contribution to National efforts to mitigate global warming, but additionally offers local economic and social benefits:
    • Energy saving reduces costs to households and to businesses, increasing sustainability of the local economy and community
    • The potential for building local expertise on renewable energy, becoming a test-bed for new technologies, thus creating limited local employment, with the possibility of exporting expertise
    • As a center of production for renewable energy, exporting to other areas, thus generating local employment maintaining and servicing production equipment, as well as providing farmers in Somaliland with another avenue for diversification.